Zaid Zada

I'm a third-year PhD Candidate at Princeton University working with Uri Hasson. My background education is in computer science (B.S., JMU) and machine learning (M.S., Georgia Tech).

I study language processing in the brain during natural settings using machine learning. My research focuses on how people and the brain uses language to communicate and understand each other. I'm broadly interested in the connection between how the brain and machines process language, and how we can use both to improve our understanding of the other.


Shared computational principles for language processing in humans and deep language models

Ariel Goldstein, Zaid Zada, Eliav Buchnik, Mariano Schain, Amy Price, Bobbi Aubrey, Samuel A. Nastase, Amir Feder, Dotan Emanuel, Alon Cohen, Aren Jansen, Harshvardhan Gazula, Gina Choe, Aditi Rao, Catherine Kim, Colton Casto, Lora Fanda, Werner Doyle, Daniel Friedman, Patricia Dugan, Lucia Melloni, Roi Reichart, Sasha Devore, Adeen Flinker, Liat Hasenfratz, Omer Levy, Avinatan Hassidim, Michael Brenner, Yossi Matias, Kenneth A. Norman, Orrin Devinsky & Uri Hasson